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At Norte Women, sustainability starts with our fabric selection. We pride ourselves in only using fabrics with certifications that can confirm they were made in ethical factories, with environmentally friendly processes and without the use of damaging chemicals. We find that not only is it better for the environment, but it obligates us to work harder to find the best fabrics available, which inevitably results in amazing fabrics! 

We believe in creating fewer, well-made pieces that will outlast trends. We create timeless silhouettes for the everyday woman's wardrobe. We focus on minimalist but yet stylish designs to create unique pieces that will stand out in your closet but are not following fleeting fashion trends.

We are proud of our ability to upcycle fabrics and other materials that would otherwise go to waste. Upcycling, or creative reuse, is the transformation of waste materials into useful products. We recently launched the Quilmas upcycled top, which is made out of fabric scraps from our other garments. 

We don't only focus on the sustainability that is built into our products, but we maintain that focus across all our business practices. We place environmental, social and ethical improvements on the top of our agenda. 

We aim to help promote the movement towards a more responsible apparel industry. We hope to generate conversation and help educate consumers about the environmental damages of the textile industry and about a better way forward.