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Our packaging

On average, e-commerce uses 30% less energy than traditional retail shopping. So we're already off to a great start! 

However, shipping products does require significant packaging materials. To minimize the impact on the environment of our shipping, we use biodegradable packaging and shipping materials. 

We purchase our packaging materials from ECOENCLOSE, an environmentally friendly shipping and packaging materials company. As they themselves put it: 

Recycled packaging requires much less resources and energy than virgin packaging, and gives new life to materials that would otherwise be wasting away in the landfill. Just as exciting, by making recycled packaging a norm, we are strengthening the overall market for recycling, which will help motivate more and more companies to invest in the technology and logistics that can make recycling and recycled products commonplace long-term.

100% of our offerings are earth-friendly -- you can shop with confidence as we don’t make nor sell a product unless we feel it meets our stringent and comprehensively research sustainable packaging criteria. Driven by our desire to continually craft new earth-sound alternative solutions, we have become an industry leader and trustworthy resource for other eco-conscientious businesses.