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Our story

There is an expression in Spain, “perder el norte" which literally translates to “losing the north” meaning to act in a disorderly or erratic manner.


It comes from how travelers used to navigate using the North Star as a reference. We believe that certain aspects of the fashion world, driven by the fast fashion phenomenon, have in a way, “lost their north” by encouraging over-consumption of lower quality goods that harm the environment and clutter your life.

In an increasingly saturated market, our mission is to create the pieces that become the north, or NORTE, of your wardrobe – the garments that are always there for you, the ones that stand the test of time and endure beyond fleeting fashion trends.

Norte was founded and created by Inés  Vieira, a native from Galicia in Spain, who draws her fashion inspirations from her local culture and dedication to finding sustainable ways of consumption.  She spent the early part of her career as a marketing professional at several large consumer goods companies, eventually working as a buyer at a large fast fashion retailer. Uninspired by the experience, Inés decided it was time to create a better solution and Norte was born.

Inés believes that by focusing on quality above quantity, an alternate form of fashion consumption is possible – and preferable. Through Norte’s collections, she wants to demonstrate her passion for natural materials and craftsmanship. She is dedicated to supporting traditional manufacturing and to creating clothes that are timeless and made to last.

Norte’s pieces are designed for an independent and confident woman. A woman who loves clothing and expressing herself through fashion but has interests that extend far beyond her closet. Norte’s creations are for the woman who isn’t concerned with tirelessly keeping up with the latest trends but instead prefers to invest in fewer, yet higher quality, garments.

We encourage you to play with our clothes and give them your own touch. Our collections are nothing without the women that wear them.

We are inspired by you,  #nortewomen