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What is Guppyfriend?

The Guppyfriend washing bag is the best solution to prevent microfibers released from washing your synthetic clothes from entering into our rivers and oceans. By using this filter bag, fewer fibers break off of your clothing and the fibers that do break off during washing are captured inside the bag and can easily be removed and properly disposed of. By reducing the amount of fibers released from your clothing, the Guppyfriend also extends the lifecycle of your clothing.  

Bag dimensions: 29" x 20" (74cm x 51cm)

How it works

  1. Place your synthetic textiles into the Guppyfriend washing bag (only filling the bag halfway full)
  2. Close the bag and wash as usual
  3. Take out the wet textiles after washing
  4. Remove the released microfibers from the corners inside the Guppyfriend and wash the bag and dispose of properly.

 It’s as simple as that!!

For more information, read our blog post on microfibers and Guppyfriend here.