Ale Kirn spent her childhood living in many different cities with her Cuban mother and Polish father. Her unique upbringing has led her to a deep appreciation of craftsmanship, detail, and an ability to connect unique brands and people through stories. We met with her in Ibiza where she is organizing her next pop-up.Here, she shares with us her story, how she started, and what her plans are for the future.

Where did you grow up? do you think that had an impact on the way you are?

Loaded question for me! I was born in Miami. My mother is Cuban and my father is Polish. We moved around a lot for my father’s work. We moved to Buenos Aires when I was 2 years old. When I turned 6 we moved to Milan. At 11 years old I attended boarding school in Switzerland for 7 years. Later finishing my undergraduate at Parsons School of Design. After Parsons I lived I Paris for year and London for 3 years. Eventually moved back to Miami where I have been for 5 years now.

How would you describe your personal style?

Comfort, cool, classic , casual

Which is your favorite Norte piece?

Tuff! I love the Mera skirt and Tambo top in Navy, these were my first loves. So effortless and chic. The Limens dress in linen I think is going to be my second favorite.

Tell us about how the idea for Kirn began?

I always knew I wanted a store , but I knew a brick and mortar was not going to function since we live between two countries. My strategy needed to be different. Since a lot of my friends had their own brands I had helped curate their trunk shows individually. Kirn was an evolution of those trunk shows into an online store that has multiple pop ups a year. Starting in the places where we live , Miami and Ibiza. Hopefully evolving to different cities as time goes on.

How did you meet Ines?

Ines reached out to me online. I was so flattered she wanted to be part of our pop-ups, we hit it off immediately! Young mothers, working , she is Spanish of course, even though I am not from Spain. I have spent all my life coming to Ibiza. So I can identify with Spanish culture.

How do you find all the brands that you work with?

I guess it started with my friends, then they have friends, I have reached out myself to others and so on. I like to work with people that share a similar vision and ethos of how they view the planet and who understand why their products , production , art should narrate a certain story.

Art plays a huge part in Kirn and my life. But I wouldn’t say it needs to be in the same medium every time. I see art in everything, not only material.

How many pop-ups a year do you do?

I don't have an official number, but aiming for 4/6 a year.

Will Kirn be popping up in other parts of the world besides Ibiza and Miami?

Hopefully! I would love to do other cities in the US. Maybe not the most obvious places. Let’s see!

I noticed that you also have artists on Kirn… does art play an important part in Kirn?

Art plays a huge part in Kirn and my life. But I wouldn’t say it needs to be in the same medium every time. I see art in everything, not only material.

Will there be a Kirn x Norte collaboration coming up?

I hope so! Would be my dream to work closely with Inés, as her attention to every detail is so precise and caring

How do you balance your work at Kirn with being a mom?

Hahahah this one makes me laugh because I don't have a formula, I just do it!

You spend a few months a year in Ibiza, what is your favorite plan on the island?

The island of a million faces , Ibiza. I guess my favorite plan during the summer months is to arrive to our house walk down to the beach and swim to my favorite rock. Take a few breaths, experience nature at its best, and appreciate how much beauty surrounds my life.

Can you tell us 2 things to do here on a Saturday morning?

Breakfast in our town of San Carlos. Followed by a swim in aguas blancas

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You can follow Ale's journey at @kirn___